Gesundheit im Mittelpunkt

The top priority is the basic ethical understanding of clinical social work, above all an appreciative attitude, respect for the patient's autonomy and transparency with regard to counselling and treatment steps.

Interdisciplinary networking with other service providers in the health system is a matter of course.

The target group of my work are people with psychiatric, psychosomatic and psychosocial disorders and illnesses or

those who are threatened by illness and impairment due to life crises such as unemployment. The health and socially oriented counselling and treatment services offered in our practice in Germany include psychosocial counselling, health insurance certified preventive services according to § 20 SGB V. and health promoting federal programs for local community organizations.


For fiscal reasons here in Greece, it is necessary for our former team to have an independent freelance status as well as an internet presence.

As a result, our previous individual work focuses have been reformulated "online", but the basic concept remains the same.
Basic concept remains the same.


Social Psychotherapy - Online

I have many years of experience in clinical socio-medical tasks and outpatient counselling. I have completed specialised further education and training in the fields of sociotherapy, psychology and psychotherapy.

Theoretically, the implemented treatment is based on the concept of social psychotherapy as clinical social work with a behavioural, psychoanalytical orientation. In addition to the method of Motivational Interviewing (MI) as a therapeutic short-term intervention (1991 by William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick), I incorporate additional treatment modules such as relaxation techniques as well as cognitive and emotional strategies for stress reduction. Using this variety of methods, I make adequate psychosocial diagnoses and include physical, mental and social processes that interact with health, health disorders and social participation.





"Everything always becomes a little different the moment you say it."
-Hermann Hesse