Online - Live - Talk - Video 60 minutes

For my offer, I provide you with a free, password-protected workspace.
Here you can continue to work on your topics independently of an appointment.

 You will receive access to your password-protected workspace (Clever Memo) and working materials included.

Important content-related building blocks

  • Psychosocial (multiaxional) diagnostics including your individual problem situation in connection with your physical symptoms, your mental state and your social environment.
  • Extensive biographical work, possibly with the involvement of a medical specialist to support you on the spot
  • Social psychotherapeutic treatment, including behavioral and depth psychological methods, to develop an explanatory model as to why you are mentally ill and why the illness has not improved by itself.
  • Formulation of therapy goals, from the causes and condition of the illness
  • Analysis of existing skills and their use
  • Integration of additional treatment modules such as relaxation techniques, PMR)
  • as well as cognitive and emotional strategies for stress reduction
  • Acquisition of new patterns of experience and behavior through self-directed and self-responsible change strategies